We appreciate your interest in taking the next step in your career by applying to join the Landmark Realty team!

Our team has been put in place so that you can build a life-long career helping people find and enjoy a place they call home!

We take a multi-faceted approach to developing our employees, including competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, training, and employee recognition programs. We work hard to find good people and help them grow with us.

Since 1968, Landmark Realty has actively played a role in helping people strike the right balance of how they pursue their goals through property management and finding the right place to live. With multiple multi-family apartment properties, Landmark Realty manages to put at ease people’s ability to pursue a place to live while managing to try and have it ALL.

It is our sincerest appreciation that you have chosen to complete our application process. We look forward to speaking with you!

Landmark Realty's 2018 Kansas City Property Award Winners

(Top Left to Bottom Right): Vitalik Danysko, Bianca McClure, Kaity Byrnes, Diamond Gragg, Jenny Brown, Airan Wade, Casey McGowan, Alyssa Campos



Landmark Realty offers Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance coverages to its employees. Additionally, employees are eligible for industry training and education expense reimbursement
Landmark understands work-life balance is important, and offers vacation and sick time off to its employees
Landmark understands work-life balance is important
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Landmark understands work-life balance is important